Remedial Structural Engineering

Remediation of Retaining Walls

Landlay extends its remedial building services in Sydney to the design of new retaining walls and remediation of existing retaining wall structures. From reinforced blockwork and brickwork to crib walls and shotcrete, our building services engineers in Sydney are up to date with the latest feasible building products and design techniques.


Concrete and Asphalt Driveway

Landlay civil and structural engineers in Sydney know that successful pavement design must take in factors such as storm water drainage and environmental conditions to ensure that it remains structurally sound with practical longevity.

Falling into the two broad categories of flexible and rigid pavements, our civil engineering consultants in Sydney take into consideration the long-term maintenance, refurbishment and replacement costs, using various scenarios to determine lifecycle costs whilst offering contractual framework maintenance.


Structural Certification

Our engineering consultants in Sydney offer certification of the structural components to ensure relevant Australian Standards are complied with. Our engineering consultants provide a certificate and report as necessary, including the high level of detail required to minimise delays.

Landlay’s civil engineering consultants in Sydney offer the following Structural Certifications including:

• Modification to internal load bearing walls
• Retaining wall structure
• Awning structure
• Façade
• Swimming pool


Remediation of Concrete Swimming Pools

Landlay’s remedial diagnostics consultants have successfully remediated a variety of reinforced concrete swimming pool structures for various clients throughout Sydney. With our extensive experience in the remediation of concrete spalling, structural failure and waterproofing technologies we have provided excellent results for our clients across the board.  Our expertise in the field of structural and building diagnostics for strata in Sydney ensure structural integrity whilst protecting the finish of the pool itself.


Street Front Awning Inspection Reports

With local authorities implying mandatory safety orders on awning structures throughout Sydney, Landlay has undertaken numerous structural assessments for our clients. Our complete assessment includes arranging specialist remedial contractors through to the necessary remedial building works, ensuring works are completed with the structural certification that is in line with council’s requirements.

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