Building Defects & Expert Witness

Our building engineering consultants in Sydney know that with the influx of development and current building techniques, identifying building defects can prove challenging. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable defects team is up to date with new building products and technologies to ensure we protect our clients asset during the identification process.

Offering detailed reports, structured and detailed in line with industry standards litigation compliance, our defects team has worked alongside numerous legal companies from litigation matters through to court proceedings. Once matters settle, Landlay’s remedial engineering consultants in Sydney are dedicated to seeing through the rectification works from start to finish. 

Obtén tu préstamos personales sin nómina en solo 30 minutos. Plazos de 6 hasta 60 meses. Tienes una cuenta bancaria.

Si cumples con estos requisitos, podrás solicitar rápidamente tu préstamos sin intereses en línea y disfrutar del financiamiento.

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