Facade Assessment

Facade Remediation

Landlay’s remedial engineering consultants in Sydney are highly skilled and experienced in diagnosing all categories of façade distress. Our observations may be extended via rope access to ensure the detailed evaluation of the entire structure.

A sign of structural distress, façade displacement or façade cracking may be due to failed cavity wall ties, brick growth, ground movement, mortar erosion or render delamination. Common façade remedial works consist of remedial cavity wall ties, repointing, brickwork reconstruction, render repairs and re-skimming, lintel replacement, cavity flashing replacement and re-skinning of external brickwork.


Façade Coating

Landlay’s coating specialist consultants work with our engineering team to identify building material, client budget and performance requirements, which in turn will develop the most adoptable coating system. 

Protective coating systems are the primary mechanism for protecting any asset from the elements. Landlay experts in strata building diagnostics in Sydney are extensively involved with reputable and leading coating manufactures to ensure the most durable and suitable façade coating system is applied on our projects.


Rope Access Inspections

Landlay’s Rope Access teams ensure a comprehensive assessment to any height of a building. Assessment and diagnosing any façade defect is a challenge in its own, however our Rope Access teams precisely identify the exact location to ensure a correct diagnosis of any defect. Hence, Landlay’s expert remedial diagnostic consultants in Sydney are able to ensure detailed and accurate documentation is complied within a specification, thus reducing risk during project variations. 

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