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14 Dec 2018

Landlay remedial diagnostics consultants in Sydney explain the main reason for water penetration at balcony doors

Here at Landlay, our strata remedial consultancy in Sydney explains that these days, "water penetration", is the biggest building issue we are faced with today.

Our remedial building services explain that “water penetration” is a prevalent problem for many external balconies and terraces of strata buildings. 

There are a number of reasons for water penetration when looking at balconies, and one particular element that is often overlooked or misunderstood by owners is the frame of the balcony door.

Our experts in remedial building services in Sydney explain that the balcony door frame and glazing are considered critical waterproof elements, preventing water entry into the building. 

The quality and performance of door frames can vary greatly. As building engineering consultants, we see some balconies of strata buildings with semi-commercial door frames, although the majority of strata complexes these days consist of standard residential frames.

Standard balcony door frames do not feature a sub-sill section, nor do they come with high wind and water ratings. Further to this, these frames rarely incorporate a compliant flashing and membrane detail beneath the doors, allowing water penetration, hence water damage to the apartment's interior.

When preparing a remedial solution, our building assessment team more often than not, remove the existing balcony door. In some circumstances, it is possible to salvage and re-use the existing door frame when re-waterproofing a balcony, however in most situations this is either not possible, impractical or ill-advised. As such, balcony door replacement needs to be considered as a part of every balcony re-waterproofing project.

Landlay strata remedial consultancy in Sydney offer an array of bespoke remedial building services to strata managers and owners corporations. For water penetration solutions, contact our friendly team today!