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07 Dec 2018

Landlay strata remedial consultancy in Sydney with reasons for reasons why cracks occur in concrete structures

Last week, our building services engineers in Sydney explained two main types of cracks, most commonly found in concrete structures; these are “fissures” and “fractures”.

This week our remedial engineering consultants in Sydney share the main reasons for the occurrence of these concrete cracks: 

  • Early shoring removal:Structural parts must acquire a minimum resistance before the shoring is removed during construction. For example, slabs should remain supported for at least 28 days;
  • Engineering design faults:Poor design calculations and inadequate load bearing predictions can lead to structural impairment.
  • Unforeseen constructive elements: Settlement of a building can be of greater or lesser degree. One part of the construction may yield more than the other and with that displacement, it could cause repression cracks
  • Thermal expansion:Sun exposure may dilate or retract various areas of a building more than others, causing expansion cracks.
  • Material retraction:This refers to the loss of water by chemical reactions or evaporation in the coating layers and in concrete pieces such as beams, slabs and pillars.
  • Moisture infiltration:When there is a leak or poor waterproofing of the slab, water will penetrate and will gradually reach the iron supports, causing oxidisation, which leads to expansion.
  • Vibrations:Poorly designed building foundations in high traffic areas or near subways can become prone to cracking, with continuous exposure to building vibration.
  • Defects in building products and poor application:For example, mortar with too much or too little water, or products that are incorrectly applied can cause numerous cracks in any concrete structure. 

It’s vial to book in regular building inspections ensure concrete cracks are found and dealt with as soon as possible, minimising the risk of costly repairs downs the track.

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