01 Sep 2020

NSW Building

From 1 September 2020, the NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler is continuing to implement strategies that will change the landscape of the construction industry. A SVoP and multi-party risk rating tool is soon to be introduced, targeting risky developers, builders, and certifiers delivering class 2 buildings in NSW. Mr Chandler believes this tool will be a "game-changer for those building and buying residential apartments in NSW".

The rating tool will provide comprehensive insights into the integrity of key developers, whilst also providing this information to project financiers, insurers, and client advisers. Additionally, the SVoP tool will allow inspectors to view construction sites through digital data and concentrate on those with the weakest ratings.

The new laws soon to come into effect will also allow audits of construction work prior to buildings obtaining an occupation certificate and settlement of buyers. The Commissioner hopes this will help to identify the risky players and support the trustworthy ones, ultimately creating a more level playing field. The Government won't hesitate to announce case studies of those that do the industry more harm than good.

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