building diagnostics and engineering services

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Providing building reports in Sydney

Landlay Consulting Group specialises in the assessment and reporting on a variety of concrete structures affected by concrete spalling (commonly known as concrete cancer) issues. Our level of expertise as building engineering consultants ensures that highly technical advice is delivered in each project guaranteeing the delivery of sound, practical and accurate advice.

Our involvement extends to the building assessment, the preparation of remedial specifications, and procurement of tenders and supervision of the work.

Recently we wrapped up an assessment on an old building in Sydney’s Eastern suburb of Bondi. We were asked to come on board to assess the damage of this buildings structure and based on our experience as building engineering consultants we created a report with action plans for what the building needs to be structurally safe again. 

By providing building reports in Sydney, we understand the importance of these reports not only for the building structure but the safety of future owners and tenants. If you believe your building may have concrete spalling contact us as soon as possible and we will be able to give you a professional assessment.