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Strata engineering in Sydney always in the loop

Working with building diagnostics for strata in Sydney we like to stay updated with current and important information through our industry bodies. A recent article we read we thought we would share.

According to Stanley Correy of ABC News, the tallest apartment building in the country does not meet fire safety standards demanded by the Australian building code, yet it was certified as fit for occupation.

Laddie Assey is a mechanical engineer who owns an apartment in the Q1 tower - Australia's tallest residential building - at Surfers Paradise in Queensland.

What he identified back in 2005 was, in the case of a major fire, one of the two escape routes from the tower would be seriously compromised.

"It's a very serious public issue. In terms of people, the occupants of the building, there's more than 1,000 people, 526 apartments," he said.

Due to a design problem, the northern fire stairwell could quickly fill with smoke and people would die from asphyxiation before they could escape.

Around three million Australians live in strata title apartment buildings, and according to recent studies, that number is only going to increase.

"This issue of defects is a major one for the sector. The issue is how they are resolved, who is accountable, and who pays for them," Mark Lever of Strata Community Australia said.

The police of the building industry are the certifiers, or building surveyors.

They give a tick at the end of construction indicating that everything is OK and the building is safe for occupation.

Considering we are up to date with current industry news and working as building engineering consultants keep an eye out for more industry news on our website’s news page.