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New laws for building engineering consultants

Being apart of the Strata Community of Australia has helped us stay up to date with the latest news concerning building assessment and building diagnostics for the strata industry predominately in Sydney.

The latest piece of vital news is after years of education campaigns, laws will finally be introduced to prevent toddlers falling from windows.

From May 1, all bedroom windows 2m or more above the ground in new homes and units will have to be fitted with a barrier or locking device that prevents them from opening more than 125mm.

The changes, ratified by the Australian Building Codes Board at the behest of the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure, follows years of lobbying by Kidsafe, The Children's Hospital at Westmead - and The Daily Telegraph.

Each year more than 8000 children are seriously injured in falls in NSW, including about 50 from windows or balconies. 

Kidsafe NSW executive officer Christine Erskine said the new regulations were a step towards protecting children. 

Westmead's Trauma Service director, Dr Cass said NSW had slipped far behind international standards and similar regulations introduced in New York in 1976 had resulted in a 96 per cent reduction in window falls.

Working amongst fellow building/engineering consultants in Sydney I am sure we will all agree this new law is a long time coming and that we all happy to see this be apart of all new units built and Landlay will be adopting these laws during window replacement work to existing strata plans.