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Applause to our fellow structural engineering consultants

Working as structural engineering consultants in Sydney we are subject to industry news not only from our country but engineer work across the world.

The latest news we have learnt about is the extraordinary theme park in Abu Dhabi. According to a recent article on the Engineering Source website, Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi is a beast of a theme park that covers over 11 hectares, with another 2.5 hectares planned for future expansion, it boasts 43 rides, slides and attractions and the capacity to accommodate 7,000 visitors.

Clearly, the lead consultant Atkins, as evidenced by the 3,018 design drawings required, required some serious design and engineering work.

The main requirement for the theme park was to maximise sustainable design standards throughout the park in order to achieve an Estidama Pearl One Rating – a first for the region. 

By pairing advanced technology with exceptional planning and engineering, the team has effectively and efficiently managed to significantly reduce energy use and water consumption. 

The article goes on to explain that the large number of rides and complicated special effects around the park required sophisticated and intelligent mechanical, engineering and plumbing design. All three elements had to be located almost entirely underground to prevent almost 55.2 kilometres of pipe work and 20.2 kilometres of cabling from interfering with the rides and to ensure that no services were visible to the guests. This required a heavily-coordinated design and execution of system service corridors with all the above-ground rides, shade structures and buildings. The underground design covers the majority of the water park and required deep excavations.

Working across various projects as building services engineers and structural engineering consultants this type of project is admired and we understand the large amount of work and dedication that would have gone into it. We have to commend the great outcome achieved in our industry.