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Making living easier with strata building diagnostics

Providing building assessments and building diagnostics for strata in Sydney, we’re interested in the news recently released to the strata community.

Strata Community Australia has released information that is of interest to the strata body and any other industry suppliers.

Strata Community Australia (NSW) President, David Ferguson, has welcomed the release of the NSW Government’s Strata and Community Title Law Reform Discussion Paper describing it as the best opportunity for reform in the strata sector.

The discussion paper contains a number of topics and poses questions for stakeholders to consider. SCA (NSW) will be addressing these with its various stakeholders as it undertakes its own comprehensive consultation process. SCA (NSW) will use this information to prepare a submission back to the NSW Government.

“Our first impressions are that the paper has been well thought out and tackles some areas that are problematic such as dealing with awareness of rights and responsibilities for owners, community renewal and managing strata scheme assets,” Mr Ferguson noted.

“These are all areas which we believe require a re-examination with a view to making the right legislative changes that make strata living a better experience now and for future generations.”

SCA (NSW) is encouraging everyone living and working in the strata sector to be involved in this process.

“The fact that the government is willing to widely consult on these issues is a welcome and positive step for NSW. We are encouraging and working with all stakeholders to make sure the changes are for the benefit of all,” Mr Ferguson concluded.”

“Working with the strata industry we encourage issues being consulted with all involved within the strata industry.”